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Thread: WCIF: The sex pose with arms tied behind the back?

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    Default WCIF: The sex pose with arms tied behind the back?

    If a Moderator would kind enough to delete this i'd appreciate it.

    It took a while and a lot of messing to find/realise...

    What I was looking for seems to be a combo of the Handcuffs pose and the stairs sex (though the stairs are removed for the video) animation. Thanks to the creator of both mods, my story will be much easier to do now.

    I saw a few of the Sims 2 made sex vids. I thought I might make a few myself since it looks pretty simple and fun.

    Thing is; the story i'm planning is based off a short video out there. A woman is turned into a Plantsim, and after this the Gardener begins to lust after her. He takes her by force, and over time I plan to expand the idea into a full length story (though perhaps not all on video ).

    Thing is; i've only seen one sex animation that looks like the woman isn't enjoying it and has her hands tied behind her. It's used in quite a few videos but I personally can't find the correct files. The woman is on her knees during the animation being doen from behind; and it also looks like her hands are tied behind her. It seems to go with another animation where the woman is sort of leaning backwards, but not flat, and is being done missionary position.

    It sets her face to looking fairly unhappy with the situation; rather than the usual exagerated Sims 3 happy face.

    Please could someone help with this? I'd be very greatful.
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