Thanks, Alasdair! Hopefully Trog won't be troubled by any more disturbing images of Mrs. Sweeney, but I'm sure she'll still be just as much of a nightmare in the flesh!

Thanks, Hobbes! Trog's never had to think about anyone but himself before and it must have been a shock and a disappointment to discover that other people have wants and needs that may conflict with his own. There's no way to know if his dream was a glimpse into Alice's past, or just his imagination at work, but either way, it seems pretty clear she must have had a rotten childhood and that she still bears the scars. There's a brief scene later which offers a few hints as to the nature of her relationship with her mother, but the full history of their life together would make another story and will have to remain largely implied. (I'm not planning to write it at the moment, but you never know!)

Ember's almost childlike in her fascination with material things and is eager to learn all she can from Trog about the mortal realm. I don't think he sees past that, or wonders why she's so much less forthcoming when it comes to sharing information in return. Just like she's not keen on sharing cake, apparently!

Trog described her voice as soft and sultry and I think I'd add 'sulky' to that. I can hear her in my head, but I can't really describe it any better. I'm trying to think of an actress, or someone, who I could say she sounds like, but no-one springs to mind.