Seems I'm spending a lot of time making posts about what you can't do here...and this is another one. Maybe it's just me, but it seems like people are getting ruder by the day. Maybe it's the type of members we seem to be getting now. There's a block during registration that everyone checks that says you have read the Site Rules, but it appears none of you have actually done so recently. That's a mistake.

I'm going to reinforce a few salient points for those who don't know them.
1. Ignore my rules, I'll ban you.
2. Disrespect my Staff, I'll ban you.
3. Disrespect this site, I'll ban you.
4. Harass other members, I'll ban you.
5. Piss me off, I'll ban you.
6. Send me, or any member of this site, profanity filled emails or private messages, I'll ban you. And then, I'll laugh at your childish attempt to intimidate me.

This shouldn't be all that difficult, people. Behave in a responsible manner, and you'll be treated in a responsible manner. Act like a shit, and I'll treat you like a shit. It's that simple.

One of our rules concerns the use of profanity in your username. Don't do it! I've been a little lax in this area, because I just don't want to check thousands of usernames. Be advised, however, that any member with the words "fuck you" in their username will be gone shortly.