A Windows 8 reinstall? Are you kidding me? I don't remember that much of what we did last time! And if I recall, Windows 8 was a real PITA on its own.

Is TS2 still available for free on Origin? Supposedly if you are really nice and online chat with support they will enable it for your account. It worked for someone just two days ago although you might have to try multiple times and talk with different reps. (Searched "Sims2 Origin.) That might work better than trying to get all your disks together again.

There was something we did with permissions to get them to install before, but I thought I insisted, I mean, I politely suggested, that you write all that down in case you ever had to do it again since it appeared to be Win8 specific and I didn't use Win8.

Anyone here running TS2 on Win8 who might be willing to work with our problem child, I mean with our very hug friendly Risi, to get her TS2 game installed and running again on Win8?

And then maybe someone can help address her screen size resolution?