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    Pin Favorite Science-Fiction TV Shows

    ............... There's been a lot of them over the years and there have been some good ones and some dreadful ones. Here's my list of my favorites (which I own the complete series of most on DVD) in no particular order:
    • Firefly: canceled all too soon, but at least followed-up by "Serenity".
    • Red Dwarf: The lighter side of life in outer space. I often find myself thinking of an unlikable person as a Rimmer.
    • Star Trek (the Original series): kind of dated now, but was ground-breaking. Not so fond of the rest of the franchise.
    • Stargate SG1: only seasons 1-8, 9 & 10 not worth it. Can get tedious at times but Richard Dean Anderson saved many an episode.
    • Farscape: Ben Browder & Claudia Black at their best in this series.
    • Futurama: animated, but still science-fiction and funny satire.
    • The Clone Wars: animated again. Better than some of the movies (I don't need to mention which ones).
    • The Twilight Zone: Sometimes fantasy too, but still great and a ground-breaking anthology series. The original Rod Serling-hosted series is the best in my opinion.
    • The Outer Limits: More science-fiction than TZ.
    • Babylon 5: seasons 1-4 mainly, season 5 was a tedious waste except final episode.
    • Primeval: You may disagree, but something about it I liked though a lot of episodes did suck big time.
    • Fringe: Enjoyed it start to finish. Anything with John Noble is good.
    • Agents of Shield: Some people like it, others hate it. Ming-Na Wen makes it good for me alone
    • LEXX: Too off-the-wall for some people... it's a matter of taste. Really wild stories where characters re-appear as different characters. Stanley Tweedle could get annoying at times, but usually when the story required it.

    ......... I may have forgotten a bunch of good shows. Now your's?
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