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    Default Re: Favorite Science-Fiction TV Shows

    I have to agree with you Dave on the first two. Both excellent shows on SyFy.

    The Expanse is based on a book series and follow the books fairly closely. If I remember correctly the series as it ended last season are into the second book. I happened to get interested in it just after season 1 finished up and watched the entire season all at once over a couple of days on demand then found the books on Amazon. You're right that it only uses technology that is within the realm of current science and physics which I find makes the show very believable. The story is outstanding and not over since the book series is still being written.

    Dark Matter really intrigues me. I really liked season 1 but the story seemed to change direction in season 2 when they killed off a main character (One) at the beginning of the season. Then they added a new character (Nix) and killed her off at the end of that season plus introduced some alternate reality weirdness. Season 3 has been up and down but it still keeps me watching.

    You didn't mention Killjoys, also on SyFy which I thought had a pretty good season 1 before it started getting weird in season 2 and continued getting weirder in season 3 when the story lines shifted to the Hullen invasion. I'm still watching because I like the main characters.

    One that you didn't mention in the fantasy realm is The Magicians, again on SyFy. Third season begins next year. Another show that is based on a book series although the TV version has deviated a long ways from the books from the very start. I really liked the books but the show has taken some weird turns that I think take away from the original story.

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