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Ysami And Friends

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Those of you who were keeping up with my blog undoubtedly noticed that it disappeared. There were a couple of reasons for this, but it was mostly because I thought having 600+ renders that served no purpose other than to look at was putting a drain on the site's resources. So, I deleted them.

This represents a new start...which will, eventually, also be purged for the same reason. I've titled this incarnation of my blog after Ysami, who began as nothing more than an experiment to see whether or not I could combine two separate character models from DAZ into one. The result was much more beautiful than I could have imagined, and she has proven to be a delight to work with. I've never explained exactly how I created her, so unless someone has figured it out, she is totally unique. I wouldn't really mind sharing her specifications, but unless someone asks, I don't see any reason to do so.

Those who have been around for awhile might remember that I've mentioned a couple of times (tho' not lately) that I once was an amateur artist. An accident involving my prominent hand curtailed that pleasure of mine. Even after I regained use of the hand, drawing became a chore. DAZ allows me to experience that lost joy, plus it doesn't take a few days for me to see the final product. It makes me happy to be able to create again. It makes me even happier when my wife tells me she loves one of my renders. The picture I chose to represent this version of my blog is one of those renders.

I won't be continuing the story I began at this time nor will I be making captions for most of the renders for awhile, anyway. I will say that some of these latest renders will fit into the story and some won't, so I haven't completely abandoned the story. It's just not high on my list of things to do at this moment.

Okay, I've rambled enough. This post and the next contain some of the renders I've done lately. They're all Ysami...which seemed appropriate.

I have another version of this one with Ysami pushed a little further into the background and a couple of other minor changes. I'll upload it if there's interest.

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  1. Cdpierson5's Avatar
    Continued from previous post.

    The title of this one is "Vulcan Dawn." I thought it might be fun to do something from prehistory on Spock's homeworld. It wasn't until I was looking at it afterward that it occurred to me that wearing green on a world that's mostly desert probably isn't a good idea.

  2. HobbesED's Avatar
    First off let me say I'm glad your renders are back. I do enjoy viewing them and I'm happy to see that you are still using your artistic talents to, at the very least, entertain us here.

    The premiere picture of Ysami is stunning. I can see why The Boss approves of it. Captivating pose, expressive lighting, beautifully captured contemplation.

    Ysami as a blonde caught my attention. I do like that hairstyle on her. I wouldn't mind seeing some other renders along those lines.

    The "double" picture of her looks a bit cartoonish or comic book like to me, as if the colors were "turned up" just a hint too much. I'm not sure why they are standing on what looks to be a conveyer belt either. Or maybe those are MRI machines...

    Ysami staring into the sunset with the animal skull in the foreground is also an intriguing picture. I like how the sky behind her and above the skull is "angry" while in front of her and the way she is looking is "peaceful" although still dark.

    And then sitting at the wharf waiting for her ship to come in, I like as well.

    Great Job CD! And Welcome Back Ysami (and friends)!
  3. Hokieman's Avatar
    Yay! I'm glad that your girls are back. I have missed them even thought they've only been gone a short time.

    That first one is just stunning. And the second one really shows just how beautiful her face is.

    I agree with Hobbes on the one with Ysami as a blond. The last one brings an old Otis Redding song to mind. All well done!

  4. Cdpierson5's Avatar
    Ysami as a blonde is easy to do. Ysami as a blonde using that hairstyle is not. Actually, that hairstyle is a bear to work with no matter the color. It's really difficult (for me, anyway) to get it looking like something that doesn't resemble a bird's nest. I was singing that Otis Redding song when I did the final picture in the last set, least until Diane told me to stop it!

    Since this is Ysami and Friends, here's one of Camiko.

    Another blonde Ysami. The female viking hair is much easier to work with.

    And one with white hair. I wanted more of a fantasy feel for the snowflakes. Not so sure this did it.

  5. HobbesED's Avatar
    A fine assortment of Ysami pictures, CD. They exemplify how varied her look can be!

    I can't see Camiko all that well but the layout of the render with the arches "V-ing" to the rear draws the eyes' focus to her.
  6. Cdpierson5's Avatar
    I've noticed the problem with Camiko, too. It's caused by the materials presets I use for her. They're supposed to make her look ethereal, but they just make her look out of focus. I'm thinking about changing them.

    This time we have three renders of Ysami and two of Yumi. The last Ysami picture and both Yumis are from a period about 100 years after the story takes place. The idea I had was to introduce someone who wants to do a biography of Yumi as a prologue to the story itself. You'll notice that Ysami hasn't aged at all (though she is a tad more muscular) while Yumi has reached that period of perfection that many middle-aged women seem to possess. Yeah, it was just a excuse to play with "mature" Yumi, 'cos I haven't in awhile.

    I have a clothed version of this one that Diane loves.

    Mama's Little Helper

    I did this one before I did the preceding Ysami render. You can't tell in the Ysami picture, but I solved the problem of the bib on the overalls sticking to the stomach. Wish I'd figured it out before I did this one.

  7. HobbesED's Avatar
    I wouldn't mind seeing the clothed version of Ysami leaning against the wall that Diane loves. That's a great contemplative pose so I'd be curious as to how you dressed her for it.

    In "Mama's Little Helper", my eyes were dawn to the muscle definition of her right arm and for some reason I could picture her splitting wood. Perhaps it's just the rustic setting which made me visualize that.

    Yumi's last render in the more futuristic (modern) setting is exquisite.
  8. Cdpierson5's Avatar
    In the final render of the last group of pictures, I combined two separate sets to achieve the final product. I had to load both the sets twice (then turn off a couple of walls) to get a complete indoor/outdoor look. I wanted a patio feel as opposed to a balcony feel. The outdoor part is actually an apartment balcony that ends at the rail. To achieve the "past the rail" look, I loaded the whole set again and deleted everything I didn't need. In the original version you can see where I joined the two sets, but you have to look really close. I did the same for the indoor part, but it came out seamless as did joining all four sets together. DAZ has what amounts to a complete house which hasn't been on my list of things I need "right now", but I'm beginning to think I need to start getting the different sets that make it up.

    I added a little muscle mass to Ysami in "Mama's Little Helper" as well as to Yumi in her two renders to add realism. Having done farm and ranch work in my youth, I know it adds muscle. So, Ysami probably has done some wood splitting during the 100 year interval between the story and the time of the picture.

    And since you said you wanted to see it......
    Updated 07-13-2017 at 01:58 AM by Cdpierson5
  9. HobbesED's Avatar
    I can see why Diane likes it. You did well! I like that one a bit better myself. To me, it is a touch more feminine which seems odd since how can anything be more feminine than the nude female form? Oh well.
  10. Hokieman's Avatar
    CD, Wow! I love that last one of Yumi and agree with Hobbes assessment. Just fantastic and in a class of it's own. To me, that's definitely one of your best CD. And the clothed one of Ysami is just gorgeous. Green seems to be her color.

    I agree with you Hobbes on the femininity issue - nudity vs clothing. I've always preferred partially clothed pictures that hint at what is underneath. They are more enjoyable to view than full nudes that leave nothing to the imagination. A lot depends on the poses and the context of the picture though.

  11. Cdpierson5's Avatar
    I think the reason partially clothed women are found to be more sexy is because they create the feeling that you're looking at something forbidden. If the clothing hugs the model's curves and the nudity appears accidental, it further accentuates that feeling.

    I felt the urge to do a few science fiction themed renders the other day. These showcase parts of the interior of DAZ's SciFi Outpost (which I've had pretty much since I downloaded DAZ) except for the final one which utilizes the Alchemy Chasm.

  12. HobbesED's Avatar
    Seeing something forbidden, okay maybe. Or how about possibly seeing something that no one else has viewed before? Other than her, of course.

    In the first SciFi picture, that is one highly developed right knee cap! I thought it might have been a shadow but don't see from what it could be from. It looks too thin to be from her arm.

    I like the contrasting light and dark in the second one. And Ysami's pensive look as though trying to figure out which of those things to touch in order to turn on the danged lights.

    Another good thoughtful look in the 4th one. I guess it is well-developed knee caps after all.

    The last one reminds me of a scene from a Nicholas Cage National Treasure movie where they had to balance on a shifting flat rock. Or maybe one of those Fear Factor challenges... Then again she may be looking up at to the heavens after tripping down the stairs wondering why THAT trait was one she had to inherit from Yumi.

    Thanks for sharing!
  13. Cdpierson5's Avatar
    In this set, I was playing with things like Opacity and colors for the most part. Still, in one you can see that Ysami has inherited another of Yumi's traits. She sometimes forgets to put on trousers.

  14. HobbesED's Avatar
    The middle three of this set are my favorites. Well that doesn't quite work since there are 6 in the set...Doh!

    #3 - Strong pose - like the legs and derriere and the concerned scowl on her face.

    #4 - The opacity, and lack of it, in her robe is intriguing. Good color contrasts.

    #5 - It appears Ysami may be trying to think up a trick to play on someone with her facial expression - probably due to her eyes. Or maybe she's confused by the menu board and is simply wondering what a Big Mac is. I'm sure that hair is easier to work with, but I don't think it's all that flattering to her.
  15. Cdpierson5's Avatar
    Since we haven't seen her in awhile, we'll start off with Jami playing pirate. Then we have two different views of Ysami. For the first, I made her completely human, meaning she's shorter and her ears got cropped. Finally, three renders of the mature version of Yumi. In the first one, she seems to have misunderstood what I meant when I told her to dress like a dock worker.

  16. HobbesED's Avatar
    Like Jami there although she might want to be careful, it looks like high tide and she might get her boots wet if she stands there too long.

    I must say the windblown look suits Ysami as well. I appreciate her human side. And her backside looks quite nice as she stares at the portal.

    Of the three Yumi's, I like her last best. The flowing robe, the ominous sky and her outstretched arm pose make it appear as though she's getting ready to cast terror on something.
  17. Hokieman's Avatar
    Love that last one CD! It's nice to see mature Yumi again. And the expressions on the ones facing towards the camera really make those renders. I still can't get over how expressive DAZ allows you to make your models.
  18. Cdpierson5's Avatar
    I've been having a lot of fun playing with mature Yumi again. For the time being, she's become my obsession. She lends herself very well to angry or sad faces. Happy ones, not so much. The one the two of you like had her wearing different clothing in its original version. I meant to have her in a black, tattered, open at the sides cloak that I spent hours working on, getting everything just right. Unfortunately, DAZ crashed during the rendering process and I lost it. Crashes happen so seldom with DAZ that I decided it must have been the time I spent on it...or the cloak...or the fact that I changed a lot of things trying to get the perfect look and feel. So, I recreated everything and changed the cloak. It probably helped that I knew where I was going with it the second time around 'cos it rendered with no problems.

    This time we've got Yumi playing with a kitty. I'm not quite happy with it, but it's sorta' what I wanted. And two more of mature Yumi.

  19. Hokieman's Avatar
    I can't decide if I like the second one or the last one the most out of this bunch CD. The expressions on her face in the both of those are great. Something seems to be off in the first one. I can't figure out exactly what it is that caused me to feel that way. The pose maybe, or the color of the lion is off but even the background colors look a bit off, like muted somehow maybe? Still all are good. Thanks for continuing to share.

  20. Cdpierson5's Avatar
    I think it's mostly the pose, HM. I couldn't get it quite the way I wanted it. As a result, it looks like crap. They can't all be gems, I guess. So, I've been looking for a good set of morphs that allow me to "de-age" my models. I have some that I got from ShareCG when I started playing with DAZ, and while they're okay, I was never really satisfied with the results I got from them. Today, I broke down and bought DAZ's age modifiers for Genesis and Genesis 2 models and was able to age Yumi and Kori to around 16-years-old, breaking young boys' hearts at the local pool. But first, it's mature Yumi times 3...sorta'. The two statues in the first image were created using my mature Yumi shape. Diane's reaction? "Your statues are nekkid." My reply? "They're statues! If Michelangelo could do it, so can I!"

    "Yumi, those boys are whistling at you, again."
    "They're not whistlin' at me. They're whistlin' at my cute little sister."
    "Don't tease me. You're beautiful and popular. I'm just..."
    "Smarter'n God. So, why is it you can't figure out how good-lookin' ya' are?"
    "Oh, please. The only time boys talk to me is when they want me to do their homework."
    "Really? Yer not bein' bullied, are ya'? 'Cos if ya' are, I'll take care of 'em. Sumiko-sensei says I could prolly take on ten men...if nine were sickly and t'other one was distracted...and nobody had guns. I know! Let's moon 'em!"
    "Yumi, that's so immat...YUMI MAC LLYR, YOU PULL YOUR PANTS UP RIGHT NOW! Ohmygod! We're never going to be allowed in the pool again."
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