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  1. NEW! Donations feature added

    I have added a New donation feature to the site to help with cost for the server... However new members will see ad's and be limited to downloads (50) per 12hrs this way it will stop the one that come; download everything they can get to only never come back! once they become a reglure member(s) this will be left... In addition I have also remove the signature feature for new comers... I will be doing some more work on the new comers feature but for know this is where it at...

    Now ...
  2. Site closure due to maintenance

    Site closure due to maintenance, I'll be closing down the site in a few weeks for a yearly clean up all threads, post will be closed for posting, all downloads, uploads will also be disabled...

    When I'm ready I will give you all a 48 hr window before I close the site down... The site will be down for a few days. In addition the site may come offline when the site does close but will be back online a few days before I reopen the site...

    Check back here for more details... ...
  3. Uploading disabled

    Quote Originally Posted by Vtiekme View Post
    Direct uploads are open again but sizes have changed for all features via the Attachment manager... Please referrer to the chart when uploading to the site via directly in the forum posting window when posting.
  4. NOTICE TO NEW COMERS Via Tech Support

    NOTICE TO NEW COMERS!! Due to support issue with new comers via registration issues. We have "REMOVED" the cause of the issue and reinstated standard registration, for all that have been having issues with registration we invite you to please try again...

    Registrations Link below:
  5. Update 08/5/2013

    Will the sites done for the most part I still need some work to do but I have opened the site, as of today if some see a few little issues please bear with me as I will get to it as I still go along fixing other things. Please enjoy the site.
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